TMS Health Solutions: Changing Methods and Changing Lives

In California’s bay area, a mental health revolution is taking place; this revolution is being spearheaded by TMS Health Solutions, a company offering cutting edge mental health treatment, aimed primarily at the 40% of patients diagnosed with clinical depression, or other mental health issues, who suffer from treatment resistant mental health conditions. TMS Healthcare Solutions offers comprehensive psychiatric services, including medication therapy management, specialized care for clinical depression, and a myriad of other mental health conditions. The primary goal of the staff of TMS Healthcare Solutions is to free patients from the burden and stigmas that come with a mental health diagnosis.

Transcranial Magnetic Simulation (TMS), is a non-invasive, FDA approved therapy for patients who do not have a history of responding to anti-depressant medications or other therapy options. The dedicated staff of clinicians and staff at TMS Health Solutions focus on providing innovative therapies to mental health patients by offering “solutions beyond medication.” These alternative therapies are rooted in finding the common ground between being completely evidence based and compassionate, addressing the needs of each individual patient.

Most types of clinical depression are only treated by treatment, most often medication. But for the nearly 4 out of 10 patients with a clinical depression diagnosis that do not respond to medication, alternative therapy is imperative in the battle against this disease. That is why the growing staff of TMS Health Solution, and their comprehensive psychiatric treatment plans are changing the face of mental health.

TMS Health Solutions recently opened a second San Francisco location, conveniently located across the street from Union Square. This fourth TMS Health Solutions clinic offers even more patients the opportunity to experience this completely innovative approach to treating clinical depression, and many other mental conditions at this new TMS Therapy Union Square SF.

In addition to meeting the needs of even more patients, TMS Therapy Union Square SF allows the mental health experts at TMS Health Solutions to conduct forums discussing clinical depression, other mental health conditions, and potential treatments with potential patients and partnering clinicians. These forums will allow TMS Health Solutions to continue to be at the forefront of alternative therapies in the mental health field.

Go Buyside: Recap and General Information

This will give information around a company by the name of GoBuyside, a type of global recruitment company. Something called the General Data Protection Regulations (GDRP) will start taking effect. This date for this affect is Friday, May 25th 2018. It will also be applied evenly in every European Union member state. This will in turn affect every corporation in the world.

The main motivation behind the GDRP comes in two parts. One of them is to give an introduction to the privacy concept by “Design and Default”. The other is to declare the security of personal data as an individual’s fundamental right. An example of a fundamental concept in this company is a value of accountability and transparency. This is with the legislation striking modern demands which are in relation to the documenting and analysis of activities with data processing. If need be processors and controllers will be held responsible and also need to do a demonstration of their agreement.

The GDRP also applies to entities who aren’t EU. The processing activities they have, show relation to offering services and goods to those who are in the Euro zone and the financial expert of GoBuyside. Since this has been done, groups like management firms, investment fund managers, and depositaries will all need to put into consideration the extent in which they process or control data that’s personal. This concern’s whether it relates to investors or the respected officers and employees of them and certifies that every organization has whole insight into the data flowing that concerns investor and other information that’s personal that it both processes and controls. Due to this security and transfer arrangements, and appropriate notification will need to be fitted to guarantee the fundamental freedoms and rights of persons that have been laid out in the GDRP.

Now some general information regarding GoBuyside. This company is located in New City, New York. This company is a got profit type. It holds up to employees of eleven to fifty. It’s a recruitment platform which is 21st century. It specializes in working with groups like hedge funds, private equity firms. It also works with other Fortune 500 companies, advisory platforms, and investment managements. Finally, this company has a type of unparalleled competitive advantage in candidates who are top-tier in screening and sourcing. Their team has this advantage though holding a diligent approach and proprietary technology.


TMS Health Solutions-Helping Those Living with Mental Illnesses

TMS Health Solutions is dedicated to helping their patients. They’re in the business of treating patients that have Treatment-Resistant Depression and offer the latest in therapies including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation also known as TMS.


There are different types of depression. One type of depression is what is known as “Clinical Depression” or “Major Depressive Disorder.” A person who has this type of depression may have anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, and have suicidal thoughts. This is a serious illness that needs to be treated. Some patients have treatment-resistant clinical depression which means that medications are not helpful in their case. If this is the case, it’s necessary for the patient to get another form of care known as TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy. This therapy has been known to be effective and to help those suffering from clinical depression.


Mental health can be very hard to live with and even harder to diagnose, but it is treatable. At TMS Health Solutions they will provide an understanding environment and will do all that they can to provide treatment.


TMS Health Solutions choose to use the butterfly as their symbol because it represents their company philosophy. Since their patients go through somewhat of a metamorphosis, the butterfly is a great comparison since it goes through many changes in order to become what it is meant to be: a beautiful butterfly.

(More inforamation can be found at TMS Therapy Roseville)


Dr. Richard Bermudes founded TMS Health Solutions in 2007 because he wanted to create an environment that could provide the kind of care that patients suffering from mental depression needed. TMS Health Solutions not only provides innovative treatment but it is also helping to educate the community about mental illness.


TMS Health Solutions will work with the psychiatrist, therapist, or other care providers of their patients in order to provide the needed treatment and to get the desired outcome. They will work with their patients to come up with a suitable treatment plan, will refer with clinicians and go over treatment expectations. During the treatment process. TMS Health Solutions will update their clinicians and obtain feedback on the progress of their patients. They will also provide a final report at the end of treatment and follow up on patient care.


Depression is a condition that can be treated. It is important to recognize the problem and to seek out professional help. TMS Health Solutions can help. It just takes a phone call.

Roles Played By Dick and Betsy Devos in Shaping the ‘Face’ of Grand Rapids

The Face of Grand Rapids would look different were it not for the input of Dick and Betsy Devos and a group of business leaders. In 1991, a project plan that sought to develop the north of downtown Grand Rapids was designed. Were it to kick-start; it would mean that the multi-purpose convention arena in Grand Rapids would have changed the skyline of the North. However, efforts from Dick Devos and a group of business leaders saw the project relocated to the central business district, Grand Rapids. According to Devos, such a diversion would have had detrimental effects on the growth of the town. He had previously witnessed such a project get diverted from Detroit. After the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills had been relocated outside the city, Detroit faced a backlash especially when the Lions and Pistons left the town. The lesson was learned, and they would not have their city make such a mistake.


The campaign against the relocation of the sports facility brought together a group of business leaders and formed the Grand Action. Through the team, they helped the city to develop the Van Andel Arena, the Devos Place Convention Center, Michigan State University, and the city market among many other social centers. The destinations have contributed to shaping the current Grand Rapids skyline. Dick and Betsy Devos have spent much of their lives developing and changing the face of the Grand Rapids institutions. Through their political donations, they have been able to push agendas that affect the education and labor sectors. Betsy put more efforts in revolutionizing the education sector through the expansion of charter schools. On the other hand, Dick Devos engineered the 2012 law that saw the state change from birthplace of organized labor to a state where anybody can get employed.


The Devos influence goes beyond the Republican politics. They are known for supporting several charitable works across the state. In 2006, they pioneered the construction of the $103 million children hospital. It would be named after Hellen Devos, their mother, and husband to the co-founder of Amway. The hospital benefits children and parents from the state as they need not seek health facilities elsewhere. Additionally, much effort has gone towards promoting education. Betsy Devos has been on the frontline in this cause. According to her, education should level out the field between wealthy and financially disadvantaged children. As a result, she strives to ensure that children from needy families receive equal opportunities as those from affluent families. Her commitment to advancing the education sector contributed to her appointment as the U.S Secretary of Education.


Dick Devos continues to help change the face of Grand Rapids by offering advice and financial help. Lately, he called the CEO of AirTran Airways and wooed him to come through for Grand Rapids Airport. The call ended with a date for the two to discuss matters related to Gerald R. Ford International Airport. After they met in Grand Rapids, a decision to operate nonstop flights from the airport was reached. Learn more:

The Career Path of James Dondero

James Dondero is the current CEO of Highland Capital Management in Dallas, Texas, but he is not a product of the local community per se. Dondero moved to Dallas and co-founded Highland Capital with partner and CIO Mark Okada in 1990. Even though Highland Capital Management is affiliated with investments around the globe, Dondero and his company still proudly call Dallas their home and headquarters with a track record of success that proves it. This is especially true of the company’s established philanthropic practices throughout central Texas spearheaded primarily by Dondero himself.

James Dondero is originally from the east coast where he graduated with honors from the University of Virginia in 1984. Dondero earned a dual degree in both accounting and finance at the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce. He is also a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Dondero began his career by joineing American Express in 1985 where he served as a corporate bond analyst, eventually being assigned to portfolio manager of the $1 billion corporate fixed income fund. Before founding Highland Capital Management, Dondero would also serve as CIO for Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary. The fund increased in value by over $2 billion during his management term in 1989.

Dondero then moved to Dallas in 1990 with the specific idea of beginning his own investment management firm now known as Highland Capital. However, James Dondero’s professional hats do not stop there. He is a board member for several other corporations such as Nexbank, American Banknote Corporation, and Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios. These positions are in addition to his board seats at CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare as well as Nexpoint Residential Trust, Inc. But, the real icon of the Dallas business community may very well be best known for his mission of philanthropy throughout the Dallas region.

Under the guidance of both Dondero and Okada, Highland Capital has launched a corporate program of giving back to the neighborhood in which they live by helping fund certain educational and community improvement projects in and around Dallas. Notable of their contributions is to the Dallas Zoo in conjunction with the Herbert Simmons Foundation in restoring the hippopotamus refuge at the city zoo that has been absent for many years. Highland Capital actually directed their charitable giving for the new auditorium that sits adjacent to the refuge that is used for specific educational and ceremonial events.

NuoDB SQL database; Elastic scalability for realibility

NuoDB is an advanced SQL database created by NuoDB, formed initially as NimbusDB. The SQL provides unique thus the nickname, the “NewSQL.” It is among a new breed of elastic databases for cloud- and container-based environments. The database utilizes a layered approach consisting of multiple, redundant transaction engines and storage managers. The transaction engines and storage managers can run on the same platform. Transaction engines include in-memory process nodes that can be removed or added to achieve a particular transaction volume. The storage managers help in increasing data redundancy.
One important feature of the NuoDB SQL database is that one can enhance its capacity and performance without affecting data integrity and standards. Also, it distributes tasks among the several processors thus countering challenges associated with other databases. In essence, the database has a design that utilizes a set of in-memory caches to support the inherent cloud-style elasticity. Other essential features of the NuoDB database include hardware and software fault tolerant, a multi-site operation that ensures continued activity, automatic load balancing, and non-stop availability. It is found in three versions namely, free-developer, professional paid and enterprise. It is thus able to serve a wide range of clientele and needs.

The Brief Background of James Dondero, Co-Owner, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is unarguably best recognized as the Co-founder and President of Dallas, Texas-based Highland Capital Management, one of the largest alternative asset investment firms in the United States. Thanks to Mr. Jim – as his friends and business associates call him – Dondero’s leadership paired with three-decades-long business partner Mark Okada’s astute business sense, Highland Capital Management has excelled in financial services since its foundation in 1993. To quantify what the group currently manages, HCM – what we’ll refer to the group as from here on out, if not “Highland” – holds roughly $13.7 billion in assets form some of the largest organizations in all of the contiguous 48.

James Dondero began his career by attending the University of Virginia’s School of Commerce, studying for two separate-yet-similar bachelor’s degrees, Accounting and Finance, a common path for young people interested in financial services or the “money side” of business. Although the dual degree typically takes people five years to get finished, Mr. Dondero was finished with the McIntire School of Commerce’s demanding schedule in only four years. Prior to graduating – as if his early completion of the program wasn’t good enough – he found a positive opportunity in the form of an internship as an analyst at JP Morgan’s training division in 1984.

The following year, Mr. Dondero was talented, diligent, and astute enough to find a job with American Express – yes, the esteemed credit card company – as a manager of fixed income funds totaling more than $1,000,000,000 prior to the time he left for Protective Life Insurance Company’s Guaranteed Investment Contract division – longhand for GIC – in 1989. He remained there until 1993, when he and Okada purchased a 40% stake in the entity. Four years later, in 1997, they bought out Protective Life’s ownership. The rest became history, as they say, in 1998, both deciding to alter their newfound business entity’s name to Highland Capital Management.

Another important aspect of financial markets Mr. James Dondero is known well for is his creation of collateralized loan obligations, or hefty piles of corporate debt used to secure investments in the event of failure or negative return.

Mighty Fortress Church and Other Church Beauties of Minnesota

They say that beauty is in the rye of the beholder. Enough people have seen these churches to know that they are some of the most beautiful churches in the state of Minnesota.

In Minneaptolis, Minnesota, you can see a church that is considered to be in the Romanesque style of architecture. You will see that it has two square-stht haped steeples and archways that are made of brick. William H, Hayes, a well-known church architect, is responsible for how this church. This church is located in the historic Lowry Hill that is very close to downtown Minneapolis. When you find this church, you will find that it is called the Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church and that it is considered to be one of the most beautiful churches of Minnesota.

To get to this church in Collegeville, Minnesota, you could hike or canoe across a lake called Lake Sagatagan. You will find a chapel that reflects the lake in a Romanesque style. Benedictine monks are responsible for how it looks. They had to built it after a church in a Gothic style burnt to ground on this same site. The new church is called Stella Marie Chapel and it is on the campus of St. John’s University. You should find this church beautiful as well.

Another church in Collegeville, is considered to be bold and emblematic. By church standards, it is not very old as it was built in 1961. It is known for having the largest honeycombed-stained glass windows in the world. To see this wall, you will to go to St. John’s Abbey Church and see for yourself.

Mighty Fortress Church

One of the most beautiful churches in M inesota is the Mighty Fortress Church in Brooklyn Park. It is on Zane Avenue near an elementary school. You can find its location by using Google Maps.

If you decide to attend this church on Sunday, you will find that the worship service is not as ritualistic as other churches. The regulars at this church make new people feel welcome and are full of the Spirit of the Lord. You should choose this church as your new church.

You can support this church anytime you want to as it has online giving at its website.

Bishop T.R. Williams is the head of this church and became a minister by graduating from Rhema Bible Training Center. He has a BA in Mass Communications from the North Central University and two master degrees: one from Bethel University and a seminary in St, Paul. With his credentials, Bishop Willliams has made his ministry quite successful and you can see how he is doing by attending service at Mighty Fortress Church.

Follow Mighty Fortress Church for more information.

Dr. Imran Haque Is One of North Carolina’s Premier Doctors

Without doctors, the state of healthcare and medicine would be lightyears behind its current status. People would die frequently of ailments hardly heard of in today’s world, including cholera, mumps, and tuberculosis. It’s odd to think about, but these now-easily conquered illnesses ravaged families and societies of yesteryears.


Even today, unfortunately, many rural areas are underserved, with their constituents not receiving the medical attention they desperately need. Dr. Imran Haque is one of rural North Carolina’s top doctors, working for Horizon Internal Medicine in the cities of Asheboro and Ramseur, North Carolina.


Dr. Imran Haque is a graduate of the University of Virginia’s medical school. This well-renowned doctor in rural North Carolina areas also completed his three-year residency term at the University of Virginia, as well. Successful Dr. Imran Haque practices internal medicine, having renewed his license every year for the past 15-plus years to practice in the popular field. He also performs a number of cosmetic procedures for his many patients to look and feel good about themselves.


Some of these procedures include Botox injections, laser hair removal, 360 resurfacing, and dermal fillers. Botox lasts for about six months and is injected in wrinkled areas usually in patients’ faces.


Laser hair removal involves using various radio and laser frequencies to remove hair from areas all around patients’ bodies. Patients most often opt to have hair removed from face and neck areas, boosting their appearance and self-confidence. 360 resurfacing entails using lasers to improve skin tone and texture, similar to laser hair removal.


In addition to the many cosmetic services Dr. Imran Haque provides to patients in need, he also offers weight management, diabetic maintenance, and basic physical exams. No matter what patients need, Dr. Imran Haque offers virtually every basic medicinal service one can think of.

Eva Moskowitz Is Driving Education Reform through Successful Charter Programs

Eva Moskowitz is a vocal advocate of education reform and an accomplished author. She founded Success Academy Charter Schools where she also serves as the CEO. She is dedicated to enabling underprivileged children from minority communities to achieve academic excellence. Eva Moskowitz is a firebrand advocate of education reform. She suggests parents should have a choice in the education they provide to their children.



Eva Moskowitz went to university at Penn in Philadelphia. She also obtained a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. She worked at the University of Virginia as a visiting professor. She then lectured students in history at Vanderbilt University. She has also worked as assistant professor at the City University of New York.



She launched Success Academy in 2006. The organization operates charter schools around the Greater New York City Area. She has employed successful management strategies that have ensured sustainable models for students to excel.



Under her stellar leadership, Success Academy schools are resulting in higher grades, quality students, community involvement, and a positive impact on all stakeholders. Eva Moskowitz has authored several books. “Mission Possible” is a guide to achieving success in charter schools co-written with Arin Lavinia and published in 2012. She is also the author of “In Therapy We Trust,” published in 2001.



Eva Moskowitz is a long-time supporter of education reform. She runs Great Public Schools, a political action committee promoting charter schools. She is also on the board of Students First, an education reform political lobby group. She asserts it is essential for non-charter schools to keep up with global trends that benefit their local communities. Education reform can encourage diversity and integration in schools. She creates an enabling environment for students, parents, and teachers to work in close collaboration to achieve success.