Alex Pall talks about his musical journey.

Alex Pall a member of the famous band, The Chainsmokers, the group is made up of Alex Pall and his friend Andrew Taggart. The two have worked on many projects, and over the years they have managed to move music lovers with their new style and technique.


Their success, however, has been felt in the recent years. They have worked towards making their fresh sound more acceptable among music lovers, and have also worked with other artists who have contributed significantly to their growth. The duo also went on a tour to several European countries, their songs were received with much love, and this is a high motivation to continue working on more projects.


Alex Pall revealed how he settled in music and how the group emerged. Some of the critical lessons he has learned over the years and some of the challenges they have faced.

Alex Pall has always loved music from a young age, he even entered Djing still at tender age, though at that time it was a hobby. This hobby has turned out to be a source of his income. Alex worked as a Dj for a while, though he was afraid that it would not become a career since it was something he did for fun. He, however, decided to take the bold step and turn his passion into a job.


While at New York he attended a gallery exhibition, it is during this event when he met Andrew Taggart. Coincidentally the two shared a manager and the manager introduced them. Before embarking on the career Andrew and Alex first became friends and during their meetings, their discovered they shared some similar likes and ideas about music as well as life and this is how they settled on working together.


The kind of music Alex and Andrew sing is unique. Alex explains his experience with bringing a new sound to the industry. According to Alex, the journey has not been easy but thanks to the technology they have been able to reach a broader market and get to understand how listeners feel from listening to their music. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has made things easier for the two and in spreading the word to more people.


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Famous Beauty Guru’s On Youtube

YouTube is one of the fastest growing media sites in the world. It has videos and music for every taste and style there is. Whether you are using YouTube to watch a music video, to learn how to cook, to find some funny videos or to teach yourself beauty tricks and tips there truly is something for everyone. With so any great videos and content it is easy to see why more and more people are becoming famous because of YouTube. Some people like Rebeca Black are famous for there cool and entertaining music, some people like the channel prank vs. prank are famous for their funny and always exciting prank videos and then there are others like Wengie who are famous for there amazing style and talent.

Wengie is an Australian YouTuber that makes fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos and primarily specializes in Asian Beauty. Being Chinese in an Australian country has not always been the easiest but it sure has paved the way for Wengie to create a Chinese/Australian fan base that is getting close to 1 million subscribers.

For well over four years Wengie has produced beauty and fashion content on her YouTube channel as well as her Twitter and Instagram. She posts new videos every single Sunday and even gives viewers bonus videos once or twice a month. Wengie has tons of videos to check out from make up tutorials, to teeth whitening tricks and even some snack and food reviews. Some of her most popular uploads include her Kylie Jenner transformation as well as her late for school tutorial in which she shows viewers how to get ready for school with 5 minute makeup, hair and fashion.

Although Wengie is just one of many girls who create beauty and fashion videos it is her fun and entertaining personality that makes her one of the top beauty gurus not only in Australia but in the world. She always gives honest and helpful reviews and also gives you some new tips and tricks to try different things in your routine. Her beauty videos are always colorful and fun and her fashion and lifestyle videos always give you a better look into her world and her adorable personality.